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Introduction to Identity Management: Self-Service

Identity Management (IdM) is a term that defines a collection of processes and activities surrounding the management of records about identities for the purpose of controlling access (authentication) and privileges (authorization) within or across multiple computer systems.  Self-Service is a subset of features within Identity Management that defines activities a user can do with a computer system on their own, without reaching out to helpdesk or IT personnel. Here are seven common Self-Service features, their typical use cases, and some some concepts that are important when implementing Self-Service features in an IdM solution.

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Zirous Giving Back

Especially around the holidays, the team at Zirous understand how important it is to give back to the community that we work and live in. Every little bit helps out. The team at Zirous is a generous group always willing to help out a great cause. Here are some current initiatives we’re supporting.

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Simplified User Management for Oracle DB

Database Administrators, are you constantly managing your users and making changes in 50 or more databases? Zirous understands that your time is valuable, so stop wasting it! There is no time for manually changing and creating these user privileges. Oracle Enterprise User Security (EUS) allows your company to manage database users and their authorizations in one central location. 

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Zirous Solution: Mortgage Payment Startup

This Mortgage Payment Startup Company serves as the glue between various mortgage resources. Previously, the Company’s process included cutting actual checks for these transactions. As highlighted above, this action poses the risk of fraud, takes time, costs money and can be a downright hassle.

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