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Complimentary Email Address Health Scan

Bouncing and toxic email addresses wreak havoc on your sender reputation, deliverability, email marketing ROI, and revenues. How many of these emails are in your files?

Health Scan

What is an email health scan?

An email health scan is a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s email practices to identify areas of improvement and potential risks. By conducting an email health scan, companies can identify issues that may be negatively impacting their sender reputation. Sender reputation refers to the perception that internet service providers (ISPs) and email clients have of an organization’s email practices. A poor sender reputation can lead to emails being marked as spam or blocked entirely, which can significantly impact a company’s ability to communicate with its customers and clients. By improving their sender reputation through an email health scan, companies can increase the likelihood that their emails will reach their intended recipients’ inboxes and improve the overall effectiveness of their email marketing and communication efforts.

Bouncing email addresses bounce back to the sender, indicating poor list hygiene and resulting in ISPs and email clients blocking or filtering emails. Toxic email addresses belong to users who have marked emails as spam or engaged in negative email practices, and can reduce the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and negatively impact sender reputation. To avoid these negative impacts, companies should regularly clean their email lists, remove bouncing and toxic email addresses, and implement best practices for list hygiene and email engagement.

What to Expect

You will receive an interactive report with an overview of your file detailing:

  • Valids
  • Errors
  • Duplicates
  • Warnings, including the exact number of spam traps, honeypots, frequent complainers, and other deliverable but problematic addresses

We’ll scan your list for:



High bounce rates put your email campaigns at risk, and attempting delivery on dead email addresses is a waste of system resources.



Even one spamtrap hit can hurt your sender reputation and dramatically reduce inbox placement.


Bogus & Disposables

These fake email addresses are a waste of your marketing resources to message and a sign that your acquisition techniques need to be reexamined.

…And more! Also including frequent complainers, language, and role accounts.

Zirous + AtData

Zirous has entered into a strategic partnership with AtData, a leading email validation solution provider, to give our clients access to qualified data verified by a world-class partner. This partnership is aimed at improving email deliverability and enhancing marketing results for our customers.

At AtData, they understand data complexities that your business faces in an ever-changing world and have developed a solution to improve data quality by validating email addresses to ensure that only accurate, up-to-date information is used for marketing and outreach purposes. Their process is designed to ensure that emails reach the intended recipients, thus improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and ultimately leading to better outcomes.

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