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Accessibility Audits

Implementing Accessibility Solutions

An inaccessible website can not only put you at legal risk but decreases your customer base and business opportunities. With web accessibility lawsuits on the rise, your company is at risk. Join the wave of businesses that are web compliant, are mitigating legal distress, and are reaching their online business potential.

What is an Accessibility Audit?

Accessibility is the practice of making your website accessible to as many users as possible.To ensure this, an accessibility audit will evaluate how well your website accommodates the needs of people with disabilities.

Custom Accessibility Solutions:

Our certified experts will work with your company to provide custom accessibility solutions that cater to your specific website needs. Each audit package includes:

  • A list of specific violated WCAG criteria, site violations, and inaccessible features.
  • Common problem elements that occur throughout your website.
  • Recommendations on implementing accessible solutions. 
handicap accessible computer

Ensure full compliance with a comprehensive accessibility solution.

Hiring a consultant on accessibility updates offers custom accessible solutions to complex and vital parts of your website. It means a more personalized approach to accessibility solutions.

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  • 1-30 Pages
  • 1-3 Forms
  • Simple Forms
  • Basic Navigation
  • 31-51 Pages
  • 4-10 Forms
  • Simple Forms
  • Complex Navigation
  • 51+ Pages
  • Complex Forms
  • Custom Views Based on Access Level
  • Interactive Elements

Your personalized approach to accessibility is here!

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