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The 2021 Marketing Automation Success Guide

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Customers rarely fall in love with your products at first sight. Usually, they go through several stages—awareness, consideration and decision—when making a purchase. It’s the marketer’s job to move the customer down the path as efficiently as possible to close the sale. Your marketing automation system is the tool used to scale this journey for each customer across your entire customer portfolio.

Harness the Power of Meaningful Engagement

A true marketing automation solution should harness customer data based on customer interactions to create relevant messages for users to capture engagement and pass qualified prospects onto your sales team. For marketers to move forward, humanizing the digital revolution is essential. Realizing a full 360-degree view of the customer is difficult, especially in a world bogged down with legacy systems and siloed, stand-alone products. At Zirous, we believe your firm’s ability to lead your customer through the buying process is paramount to your future success.

The 2021 Marketing Automation Success Guide will touch on key recommendations to consider when selecting the right tool, illustrate how and why they should be implemented — or transformed if you already have them — and provide expertise to maximize your program.

You’ll take away:

  • Key recommendations to improve the quality of your customer interactions
  • Strategies to provide personalized and relevant omni-channel communications to customers.
  • Ways to use automation to scale communication across channels
  • Tips on how to boost team productivity while doing more with less, or the same number of resources. 

Don’t wait; get your copy of the report today.

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