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A solid foundation for your IT solutions.

Infrastructure. It means so many things – the roads on which we drive, the waterways that flow under our cities, the cables that bring light to our homes. But for your business, it’s the ultimate success factor. Everything you do depends on your networks, servers, hardware, software, security, and more, so you need a system in place that’s there for you 24/7, 365.

Zirous is all about providing the top-notch, high-caliber IT solutions our clients need to become data leaders, manage their identity, and create a service-oriented architecture. With such large projects come large infrastructure requirements, and in many cases, our clients’ systems need updates and reconfigurations to support their new practices.

We’ll never leave you hanging.

We have specialized teams in all of our practice areas, and infrastructure is no different. They’re behind the scenes in many of Zirous’ Data, Identity, and SOA implementations, and they’re in the front row when clients need even more infrastructure assistance.

Get your head in the clouds.

What is the cloud?

Storing your entire business within a single room filled with servers just isn’t cutting it for some folks anymore. Enter the cloud, a remote storage system that requires no user hardware. Files are stored and backed up in a secure, off-sight server, ensuring their safety from internal server malfunctions and natural disasters.

Forecast: partly cloudy.

The cloud world moves quickly, but that doesn’t mean you need to dive headfirst into it. Adopting any new technology is a business decision that should be well thought out, planned strategically, and implemented carefully and professionally. That’s where Zirous comes in.

We integrate the cloud into many of our internal processes, so we know it first-hand, but we haven’t stopped there. When our clients are looking for new options, we help them implement cloud technologies. Cloud can be integrated into many types of projects, including data analytics, identity management, and service oriented architecture – our specialties.

Zirous has several cloud vendors, including Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, SailPoint, and more. Depending on the type and breadth of your project, we can help you ensure you find a solution that fits your needs and capabilities.

The benefits of cloud are clear.

  • Cost. In general, cloud solutions are less expensive to implement and maintain. Where on-premise solutions require expensive hardware and extensive time and knowledge, cloud solutions often come ready to go with fewer hoops to jump through. Updates needed to maintain the system will likely be considerably less expensive and may even be included in your original contract price.
  • Safety. Having on-premise solutions come with one risk that cloud eliminates: what will happen to your information in the event of a disaster? It’s a best practice to have a second and even third location with a copy of your on-premise information, but the cloud can safely eliminate this step and cost for you.
  • Scalability. The cloud is flexible to change with your business needs. If you suddenly need significantly more or significantly fewer resources, cloud can quickly accommodate.
  • Flexibility. Work/life balance is becoming increasingly important, and allowing your team to work from home is even easier with a cloud solution. Your workforce can access the cloud from anywhere with a secure connection.
  • Automation. Say goodbye to having to schedule everything around updates and bring in the pros every time you need something done. Cloud systems give you the option to elect automatic updates, keeping your system up to date with no effort.

Partnerships & Technologies

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Infrastructure is everywhere. Because of this, our infrastructure team dabbles in technology from each of our practice areas. Some of our infrastructure specialties, though, include Linux OS / Windows OS, Microsoft Azure / AWS, Identity & Access Management infrastructure, and Service Oriented Architecture infrastructure.

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