Is your data only able to tell you what happened yesterday instead of what will happen tomorrow?

Zirous will facilitate your journey from being aware that you have an analytics opportunity, to providing a business case, to implementing advanced analytics at a larger scale in order to truly transform your business.  Our team of experts at Zirous that can enable you to take advantage of predictive analytics options, including

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • AI

Because of our long history with technical infrastructure and implementation, we have the depth of experience to work alongside both the business-level and IT teams to provide a holistic solution.

Case Study: Predicting Summer Melt with Sentiment Analysis

Summer melt is a well-seasoned phenomenon in which incoming freshman do not make it to university for their first year. This negatively impacts retention rates for universities, often in a way that cannot be controlled.

This information presents a potential use-case for the combination of student data, socioeconomic data, and social media sentiment analysis to help identify both the students as well as the reason for potential melt.

The objective of this project was to create a near real-time heat map of sentiment analysis for university student retention purposes. The map will identify both unique and regional propensity to melt. Those can then be drilled down further to look at student twitter sentiment over time, the rate of change, and high-level text analysis for targeted solutions.

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