As a marketer, you know you should integrate marketing analytics with your everyday tasks, but you may not have the time or internal resources.

Managing data from separate sources such as digital display, direct mail, SEM, website analytics, CRM systems, call centers, and sales can be overwhelming.

Let our marketing analytics experts help with the strategy and automatic collection of your results to provide you:

  • Faster time to optimization
  • Cost by channel for improved marketing mix
  • Cost per conversion - whatever 'conversion' may mean to your department
  • Detailed documentation and training on analytics best practices
  • Automatic and live reports


Our 4-Point Approach to Marketing Analytics

Let our team integrate marketing analytics with your marketing tasks now using our 4-point approach:



Point 1: Marketing Data Management

We’ll ensure all your marketing data is collected and tracking properly. This includes (but is not limited to) your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adwords, and tracking implementation across all marketing channels.




Point 2: Aggregation & Visualization

Once the data is collected and organized, it can be combined and displayed in real-time reports based on the tool that best fits your business and departmental needs.





Point 3: Ongoing Insights & Strategy

Our experts will help identify key areas of opportunity on a monthly basis, as well as help understand and explain customer behavior patterns for future marketing efforts.




Point 4: Training

We offer continual training for you and your team to get up-to-speed on all the latest marketing analytics tools and trends.

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Whether your team is brand new to marketing analytics or has a more seasoned approach to measurement, our Google Analytics IQ-certified experts will work with your team to ensure you’re tracking the metrics that matter most.

Additional Marketing Analytics Resources


Marketing Sources CheckList

A key first step in providing insights is identifying how many sources of truth you have. Use our checklist to build momentum around your project needs and help identify data inconsistencies.


Setting up Marketing KPIs

In order to track your metrics properly, you have to begin with the correct KPIs. View our infographic to assist you in setting up the KPIs that mean the most to your business. 

Marketing Dashboard

Having your data in one place is just the beginning. Not only does the Zirous Marketing Dashboard collect your data from multiple sources, but it combines them for high-level insights and comparisons across channels. 

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