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Many marketing departments face issues in both getting their marketing data and making sense of it. It's either go to multiple platforms and download the data in raw files, or have them collected in a 'reporting tool' that still only gives you side-by-side reports. You need that data combined so, that as a marketer, you can go beyond reporting on operational stats and start looking at actual performance and effectiveness. 

Seeing is Believing - The Zirous Marketing Dashboard


High-Level Insights for ALL of YOUR DATA

Having your data in one place is just the beginning. Not only does the Zirous Marketing Dashboard collect your data from multiple sources, but it combines them for high-level insights and comparisons across channels. Go beyond "Are my Facebook ads running?" to "How much does it cost for my Facebook ad to get someone to download my white paper?"


Channel Effectiveness

The Zirous Marketing Dashboard will enable marketers to determine which channels drive engagement, vs. the channels that drive conversions. By understanding how each audience reacts to your content, you can better optimize the customer journey from awareness, to engagement, to conversion. 


Detailed Insights

Not only does the Zirous Marketing Dashboard provide high-level insights across marketing channels, but it also gives detailed reports on which specific ads or placements are providing the best website engagements or conversions. Since the data is live, you can also drill down by business area or campaign.


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