Get Your Head In the Clouds

Cloud is moving into IT like a huge storm front. It's inevitable. And, if you aren't working on a strategy to adopt it, you'll be behind in no time.

This does not mean you need to go 100%, head-first into Cloud. This means that perhaps a logical first step for your company is a hybrid approach. Maybe you have the flexibility to put a few applications in the cloud by next year and then slowly transition from there. 

How can I use the Cloud today?

Most of the on-premise solutions you're currently utilizing are available in the Cloud, and they could be the perfect place to start. 

  • Backup your database to the Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery or failover to the Cloud
  • Host an application in the Cloud
  • Big Data and Data Analytics in the Cloud
  • Extend SOA and Identity environments to the Cloud

Still not sure how to make the most of Cloud? Find your path with our short quiz.

What vendor should I use?

Zirous has relationships with multiple Cloud vendors. Our staff will evaluate your business need in order to determine which offering fits best, for example Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. 

How do I get started?

Zirous has all of the tools and expertise to provide you with a comprehensive Cloud roadmap. Let's get started.

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