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This organization spent so much time and money on marketing tactics – both digital and traditional – but didn’t have a way to prove performance. With a varying set of platforms and tactics, the school couldn’t track visitors across its many platforms, causing inefficiencies in spend.

Using only the native analytics reporting provided by different ad platforms and vendors for the past several years, the team decided to make a switch and take measurement seriously.

This provided Zirous the opportunity to work with the marketing team to organize data and set up analytics platforms in the most efficient manner for the organization.


  • Client: Higher Education Organization
  • Solutions: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Goals, Tracking, Conversions

Project Facts

  • Higher Education Organization used only native analytics reporting provided by ad platforms and vendors
  • Organization wanted to make as a switch and take measurement seriously
  • Zirous helped create and implement a plan involving setting up KPIs, goals, cross-domain tracking, event tracking, and tag manager
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The Approach

The team at Zirous approached this project by first assessing all the areas required for measurement. Second, the team met with stakeholders at the organization to determine holes in the current reporting process and to set up appropriate KPIs.

The Zirous team outlined the following project plan to assist in this higher education organization’s ability to combine all the disjointed analytics from various platforms into one singular location.

Project Plan

The project plan included:

  • Setting and Creating KPIs
  • Google Analytics Goal Setup
  • Cross-Domain Tracking
  • Event Tracking
  • Tag Manager Setup

Because this organization has access to several disparate web assets, implementing cross-domain tracking allowed the team to track visitors through the entire flow from prospect, to interest, to application completion.

Paired with event tracking and conversion setup, the team now has a more holistic view of how visitors engage across all the web assets.

After running a few social campaigns, the organization discovered that visitors from social are less likely to register for courses or apply to be a student. However, social did a better-than-average job of sending engaged traffic that spends considerable time on the site.

The new tracking, goal setup, and optimizations also informed the marketing team that visitors from email sends are more likely to perform the macro-conversions of applying and registering than social.

These insights armed the marketing team with information to tweak future campaigns for better spend and more accurate targeting based on goals.

  • A higher education team had disparate assets with disjointed analytics
  • The Zirous team combined the platforms, implemented crossdomain tracking, and helped the team use a single source-of-truth for analytics
  • The higher ed team now has additional insights on channel effectiveness and is one step closer to proving ROI of marketing tactics
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