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A private Midwest college launched a new website, and in the process lost all of their previous tagging, tracking, goals, and KPIs. This university was ready to take a step back and look at measurement more holistically with this new website.

The team required a way to measure multiple use cases for their marketing efforts in order to improve marketing campaigns, optimize user experience, and increase overall applications.

Zirous came in to help define these goals and create a tracking framework for the new website that will lead to marketing optimization, increased ROI, and ultimately more applications.


  • Client: Private Midwest College
  • Solutions: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Goals, Funnel, Tracking

Project Facts

  • Midwest College launched a new website and lost all of their previous tagging, tracking, goals, and KPIs.
  • Zirous implemented a plan to fix these issues during their transition
  • The college gained the ability to do step-by-step analysis and improve their funnel
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The Zirous Approach

The team at Zirous first approached the project by meeting with the organization’s marketing team to fully understand the team’s goals. Once this mini-discovery was complete, Zirous completed an audit to align website activities to the school’s marketing goals and student registration process.

In less than a week, Zirous provided a website activity tracking proposal to the university. It was up to the university to decide whether they would do the tagging internally, or have Zirous implement it for them.

Website Tracking Proposal

The tracking proposal included:

– Google Tag Manager Events
– Google Tag Manager Instructions
– Google Analytics Goals
– Tracking by Funnel Phase
– Future Tracking Opportunities

Before enlisting in help from Zirous, this higher education organization could to track the beginning and very end of their funnel, but were missing key information. Zirous filled in the missing steps to track visitors through the entire flow from suspect, to prospect, to application completion.

This new funnel allowed for tracking the team did not even know was possible. Users were tracked through site navigation, PDF downloads, virtual tours, and out external links.

By upgrading to a complete funnel model paired with corresponding tracking, they are able to optimize tactics to specific funnel stages.

With the addition of the tagging and funnel recommendations from Zirous, the private university could measure the impact of their marketing efforts along the student conversion funnel. This allows them to optimize their spend and content toward getting the student through said funnel.

With marketing content more geared toward students in their own unique place in the conversion funnel, the university is now empowered with the ability to add money where needed based on the amount of applicants and interest they receive at any given time.

  • A Midwest college launched a new website and had no tracking or goals set up
  • Zirous provided recommendations based on the organzation’s KPIs and enrollment funnel
  • Given this new tracking, the school can now track all the way from prospect, to suspect, to applicant
  • This team can now run more targeted and accurate marketing campaigns
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