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After spending over a year and almost a half a million dollars, a direct-to-consumer product company was ready to launch their new website, with the purpose of driving more sales through user experience improvements and increasing organic search traffic.

Zirous came in to ensure the new website launch went smoothly and data was both collected and reported consistently to project and quantify the launch’s impact on daily sales.


  • Client: Direct-to-Consumer Product Company
  • Solutions: Account Consolidation, Website Conversion, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Power BI, Google Search Console

Project Facts

  • Direct-to-consumer product company launching a new website
  • Company wanted to make sure they could drive more sales with the new website while not disrupting business
  • Zirous worked to improve account consolidation, increase website conversions, and improve long term success
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The team at Zirous first approached the project by interviewing each business unit within the company for long-term success measures. Once this mini-discovery was complete, they turned their business insights into an immediate plan of action.

By creating and following a project plan and timeline, all areas were able to understand the impact of the website to their business.

The project plan included the following:

– A/B Site Experiment Testing
– Google Analytics Optimizations
– Internal Data Collection Updates
– Reporting/Visualizations
– SEO Reporting

Account Consolidation

By consolidating all the Google Analytics accounts for each website property into one holistic view of the consumer, total visitors dropped by 9%. This was due to a decrease in double-counted visitors, internal traffic, and self-referrals.

Because the website users were being counted more precisely, overall conversion rates went up while cost per conversion went down with this consolidation.

Website Conversion

Independent of the website visitor decrease, the A/B test was able to accurately forecast an increase in online conversions once the website was launched.

Based on projected conversions, the business was able to accurately staff to manage the increase in sales call volume and optimize market spend for target cost per conversion.

Long-Term Success

Zirous set this company up for long-term success by creating live dashboards, an organized UTM tracking tool, and improved data. With these improvements, the client was able to begin better KPI tracking and forecasting for the year.

  • A consumer product company spent considerable resources redesigning a website
  • This company needed to validate results of this new site in real time
  • The company saw improvements through A/B tests, organized Google Analytics views, a UTM tracking tool, and cleaned up data
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