Bring Your Own Device: Company Security in the Device Era

Company Security in the Device Era

In Oracle's Whitepaper titled The New Perimeter: Keeping Corporate Data Secure in the Mobility Era, the topic of BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, is highlighted, with special emphasis on securing those devices. We're breaking down the whitepaper so you understand the most important aspects. 

Why it matters:

  • Your employees' devices are storing more data than ever. Data that wasn't previously accessible outside of the workplace is now in your employees' hands outside of the workday. 
  • Mobile devices and apps are vital to today's 'need it now' culture. Easy access to business information means meaningful decisions can happen quickly.
  • As BYOD takes off, companies need to make sure that their security measures will meet the challenges of a device-driven culture.

How can you secure your devices?:

  • Make sure you’re utilizing an Identity Management tool to associate an Identity to anything that’s connecting to your company data. Identities can be applied to people, devices or to data. This will allow your business to centralize and streamline your access and provisioning policies.
  • Implement Mobile Application Management (MAM) to separate the applications used to access corporate data on a device vs. the applications used on a personal basis. This prevents the security risk of mixing personal data with company data that may be sensitive in nature.
  • Make sure your security measures don’t hinder your employees’ user experience.
  • Ensure you understand which devices your employees are using and that their hardware complies with all of the security measures you put in place. 

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