Making Sense of the Marketing Madness

As a marketer, you’re in the perfect position to take advantage of the power of Big Data. You and your team are tasked with managing data from separate sources such as:

  • Digital Display
  • SEM
  • Website Logs
  • CRM
  • Call Center
  • Sales

We know this can be dizzying! A Big Data environment can help align all of these data sources and help you extract valuable information that you can actually use.

Why do I need Big Data?

The benefits of Big Data, more specifically one that's running on a Hadoop environment (your tech masters will handle that piece), means you can store and analyze unorganized data - such as social media data - alongside structured data, such as customer mailing lists. Before, data that didn’t fit neatly in a database was left out - data such as images, website logs, and social media text. Now, we have the power to store all of that data in one place. That's a pretty powerful tool for a marketer. 

Examples of Big Data Projects:

These are short-term projects that Zirous' team can implement within about 1 month.

Project 1:

Connecting Click-Stream Data to Web Log Data

Ever wonder what happened when someone clicked your digital ad? What do they do on your website? How effective are each of your ads? Big Data is the perfect medium for connecting these two data streams. You’ll be able to tell which ads on which networks produce the most on-site activity.

Project 2:

Attribution Modeling

Why does your paid search Marketing team achieve higher ROI than your digital display team? More than likely it’s because paid search is the final source tracked prior to conversion. Or, your consumer might visit your site from a digital ad on Monday, only to come back on Wednesday via paid search and buy. Which team gets the credit?

Using Big Data to track channel and frequency will enable attribution modeling. This will allow each step of the customer journey to be tracked - and will allow the correct team to get the props! Win-win!